Convert From PDF: Helpful Features of PDFBear That You Need to Know


Have you heard about PDFBear? IF not, then this is the most perfect time for you to know it. You might be confused about what converter tool to use since there are tons of converter tools you often see on the internet. To fix that, here are PDFBear’s most helpful features and tools that you need to know.

PDF to Word

PDFBear has been providing the best quality output in all of its PDF tasks. One of its best PDF features that you can get from PDFBear is to convert PDF to Word free from any charges or monthly payments. The steps of converting your PDF file to Microsoft Word are simple. Just follow correctly the steps they have on their website, then you’re all good.

To convert your PDF file to Word, you just need to select the particular PDF file and add it to PDFBear. After doing that, PDFbear will automatically extract the information or text from your PDF file. In a few seconds, your PDF file will be converted to Word. This feature is essential, especially if you’re trying to edit or revise something in your PDF file.

The advantage of PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter from other PDF converter tools is that it has the best quality output. It is also the fastest PDF to Word processing tool that you can ever find right now. PDFBear also made their site very user-friendly to offer a better and quicker way for new users to process their PDF files.

PDF to Excel

If you’re often working with numbers, then the most efficient way to edit or revise your PDF file is converting it to Microsoft Excel. To do that, you need to have the best PDF to Excel converter tool. Luckily, PDFBear has that feature; you can just upload your PDF file to PDFBear’s PDF to Excel converter tool.

You only need to wait for a few seconds to successfully convert your PDF file to Excel, which is very significant since you’ll have more time editing your work. You also need not worry about your information in your PDF file is lost or stolen. Because once the system successfully completes the conversion, it will automatically remove or delete every data they have from you.


Are you trying to find an option to change your PDF files into PowerPoint format? Then you won’t need to look any further. PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter tool has the best conversion quality right now. By just following a few steps and instructions, you’ll be able to convert your PDF file to PPT slides without problems.

The great thing about PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter tool is that it can run or work on any operating system type. These operating systems are Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It just means that you can use this tool anywhere and anytime you want as long as you are connected to the internet.


Finding the perfect PDF to JPG converter tool that offers the best output is actually tricky. Especially right now that there’s already a hundred PDF converter tools in the market. Fortunately, you have PDFBear by your side. You can guarantee that it will convert all your images and photos in your PDF file to JPG in high and excellent quality.

Changing your PDF files to JPG is actually quick and easy. Just go to PDFBear’s website and find PDF to JPG. Once you are there, you choose the PDF file that you want to convert. After selecting the right file, PDFBear’s PDF to JPG will automatically convert your files. In just a few minutes of waiting, you can now download your file.


PDF to PNG is another unique feature of PDFBear that will surely help you with your PDF photos and images. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can use this tool to convert your PDF file to PNG in just seconds.

These are the easy steps to have the best quality conversion of PDF to PNG. First, select the file you want to convert. Second, your file will be automatically scanned and uploaded to PDFBEar’s system. Third, after scanning and uploading your PDF file, PDFBear will now start converting your file. Lastly, your PNGfile is now ready for download.


If you want to experience the best free converter tool, then you need to try PDFBear. It has many features and tools that will help you convert your PDF files. PDFBear also made their site very user-friendly so that new visitors can easily use it. For more information about PDFBear, you can just go directly to www.pdfbear.com.