Edit PDFs The Easy Way: Here Are 4 Online Tools You Can Use


When editing PDFs, you may notice that if it’s not a quick edit, you need to convert it. While the original school of thought that editing PDFs means that you need to have a separate, third-party software still stands, that’s not the only way to do PDF edits today. If you are looking for online PDF software to put the load of your occasional PDF edits, here are the top online tools you can use:


Probably one of the most intuitive of the editors listed here, PDFBear’s array of applications and tools is top-notch In usability, performance, and optimization. Converting PDF to Word online is a breeze with PDFBear’s online, browser-based converter. The conversion process is highlighted by an OCR option, which means optical character recognition for the uninitiated.


OCR technology allows the tool to effectively translate the PDF file into an editable Word file and paste a JPG version of the PDF into a document with the Word file extension. What allows the user is the ability to edit the characters freely on the Word document. PDFBear also has a suite of tools for other edits and conversions, from splitting, merging, even password-protecting PDFs.


Smallpdf is arguably the most popular among these online tools, and there’s a good reason for it. The PDF to Word converter is excellent, and if you won’t use the tool for intensive conversion, this is the online resource to bookmark. Conversion is accurate, and the resulting file can either be doc or Docx. Expect the free version of the tool to have ads in it, but you can always opt for the paid version if you don’t want that.


In terms of other PDF resources, SmallPDF also has a basic array of casual user tools. Splitting, merging, and other MS Office-based conversions are smooth and user-friendly. Most of its tools and applications are free, with some advanced features locked for the paid version. If you want to test out the full capabilities of SmallPDF, the site offers a 14-day trial period as well.



There’s a reason why SodaPDF is constantly listed as one of the best online, browser-based PDF applications. The site itself has some truly great tools for PDF editing and conversions. The tools for Word to PDF and vice-versa are truly a joy to use, with advanced and nifty features that make the conversion more pleasant. It follows the upload, convert, and download trifecta, which turns PDF operations into a better, more streamlined process.


The one thing that’s missing on SodaPDF is the lack of a dedicated web app for online users. You need to pay for the service, and while that service is top of the line, if you just need a casual PDF editor and converter to use every now and then, then you’re better off with the free, online applications listed here.

PDF X-Change Editor

If you are a Windows user, PDF X-Change Editor is one of the many PDF software to check out. The full application may not be as feature-rich as the other ones here, but what it does, it does with so much finesse. Converting Word to PDF is automatically done with OCR, which means you don’t need to set things up yourself.


The only downside is the watermark that the application leaves on documents that have undergone it. Everything else is top-notch. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Mac users, but the online equivalent is a great way to circumvent this situation. PDF X-Change Editor’s online tools for editing and conversion pales in comparison with its full-pledged software, but it still is a great resource to bookmark for quick and easy online PDF editing.

In A Nutshell

Suffice to say that you only need at least one PDF application to save and another one as an online version for bookmarking. You don’t need to have multiples of a PDF software, lest you are working with PDFs four out of the eight hours on a given workday. Also, make sure that for online PDF applications, you have the right browser for it. Chrome is admittedly the best to use, but you can opt for Mozilla Firefox and Safari.