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4 Best Cheap Rose Gold Pink Color Laptops


Rose Gold Pink laptops are rare. We cannot find pink laptops easily/ When we talk about specific color laptops we might think about black, and gray color laptops here we will talk about pink color laptops available in the market. We try our best to give you the best examples of pink color laptops that are good in shape and lightweight as well so you can easily carry that laptop anywhere.


Rose gold pink color laptops are something that girls really like and many girls are looking for rose gold laptop computer-related accessories and laptops as well but most of them are not able to find that laptop easily in the market so if you are also looking for a pink color laptop for your daughter. Here we compile a complete list of pink color laptops that include Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Razer Blade, Microsoft, and Apple laptops.


So you can easily grab the most suitable laptop for you. Here we describe their specification battery timing and their outer look as well.


1) Dell XPS 2020 Pink Color Laptop


Here we have the Dell XPS the most famous laptop series because of different colors and designs. Dell already introduced different color laptops in the market with different shapes and colors. This time Dell XPS is the only Rose Gold Pink color laptop by Dell that is available in the market now.


In this laptop, you can find white color carbon fiber combination inside. Let’s talk about its screen resolution. This laptop comes with a 4k screen resolution so you can easily get crystal quality color screens. That can play high-quality graphics.


Now comes to its specification 8MB RAM with 4.6 GHz and 256GB SSD to speed up this laptop. Slim and sleek designs easy to carry anywhere. Last but not least it also has fast charging mode so you can charge this laptop in a limited time frame.


2) Razer Blade 15 Pink Color Gaming Laptop


Razer Blade 15 is another beautiful laptop that comes in Pink color. This laptop is the best combination of power and style. First thing first let’s talk about its screen resolution on this laptop in 1080P HD display so you can easily play HD Videos on this laptop.


If you are looking for a laptop for video editing, 3D modeling, or photo editing this one is perfect for you.  Its RTX 2060 Graphic Card makes this laptop a super fast and reliable laptop for gaming. Razer Blade has 512 GB SSD so you can easily store more data. its 16GB RAM makes this laptop a more powerful machine for gaming.


The only downside of this laptop is its battery consumption because this laptop comes with a graphic card that consumes more power than usual laptops. But although it’s the perfect combination for the average consumer.


3) Apple MacBook Air Rose Gold Pink Color


Apple is the most common brand that everyone knows and believes. You can also find pink color laptops by Apple. This MacBook comes with a 13 inches screen which is quite small but its design is really awesome. You may fall in love with its sleek and simple design.


Let’s talk about its specifications. Apple MacBook comes with an 8th core i5 processor and 4GB RAM with Ultra HD graphics. Apple MacBook has Mac OS operating system. So you cannot share data with any window operating laptop directly. Apple makes this feature because of security reasons.


All other features are perfect on this laptop. But you need to learn many things to run this MacBook rather than other regular laptops. But once you go through all the processes you will not be able to use other companies’ laptops.


4) Asus VivoBook S15 Pink Punk Color Laptop


Another perfect example of pink color laptops is ASUS VivoBook S15 this machine is available in different colors to include Rose Gold Pink Color. The best thing about this laptop is its perfect bazel display that almost covers its all edges.


The second thing that differentiate this laptop from others is its screen pad 2.0 that includes many features like slide expert, number key. handwriting and many more!


More about this laptop is it comes with an 8GB RAM Core i5 intel processor and 512GB SSD. Compatible with many other devices because of USB 2.0, USB 3.1, and USB C ports. So you can easily connect different devices with this laptop without any problem. One of the perfect options with some different amazing features.


Final Verdicts

All these laptops are perfect if you are looking for rose gold pink color laptops. We analyze different consumer reviews about these laptops and Razer Blade 15 is our choice because of its perfect speed and speedy process.