Realme announced a TV with SLED!

SLED is a superior technology over QLED, or Quantum Dot based LED. The QLED TVs are currently a norm. Most of the TVs you buy is actually QLED. So Realme just introduced its own technology and the world’s first SLED TV. As of now, the TV is not on sale, however, soon may come.

Realme SLED technology will debut on a 55″ TV, with a whopping 108% of NTSC coverage, with blue light under control. The technology is a take on LCD displays but with new formulae. The normal LCD uses a white backlight overall, however, this new technology will use three individual layers of Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, thus creating the color triplet. However, this is still going to be the LCD technology considering of Liquid Crystals and plarizers.

The overall goal of this new technology is to get most of the color wavelengths of the three colors for optimum and superior quality of images.

Source: GSMArena

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