OnePlus 8T will come with Warp Charge65!


OnePlus 8T is coming out this October 14. And the company is just released a new teaser video revealing the charging capabilities of the handset, Warp Charge65.

It’s clear in the teaser video that the handset will come with the 65W fast charging support. The company is calling this “Warp Charge65”. This will provide “a day’s power in 15 minutes”. In the case of the 8T, the 4,500mAh battery in it will get charged to almost 58% in only 15 minutes while upto 100% in 39 minutes.

To provide this fast charging speed, the 4,500mach batter is split into two. The 8T essentially has two 2,250mAh battery for the fast charging. Meanwhile, the Warp Charge65 Power Adapter will come with the USB -C port. So the handset will also support upto 45W of charging.

oneplus 8t Wrap Charge65

In addition, the company has also added an encryption chip to the adapter and the cable along with 12 temperature sensors in the handset for intelligent and efficient charging. The handset also has a new heat dissipation system that prevents overheating during charging.

however, the OnePlus 8T won’t have the wireless charging facilities. The company made passed on this functionality as “implementing the coil component needed for wireless charging would add to the phone’s thickness”, which the company feels “would impact the overall design and user experience”.

Well, the handset still has two weeks for the launch. So we are pretty sure we will get many such teasers ahead in the future!

via - GMSarena

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