Implementing Modern E-Signature Solutions with SignNow

Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to impress someone with new technology. Most of the newest solutions are actually not entirely new, and they appear just as improved versions of already existing IT tools. People have been using e-signatures for a fairly long time already. However, interestingly enough, there are still countless companies and industries that are yet to digitalize their documents and adopt electronic signing solutions. While many major international companies keep up with the information technology flow and always implement the newest and most effective solutions for great productivity, there are still many businesses that have not done it. Luckily, there are accessible and useful programs like SignNow that allow everyone to sign PDF and other types of papers in electronic form.


Adopting high-quality electronic signature software is not just a recommendation but a necessity in modern conditions. Even a minute saved thanks to a smooth working program results in hours and days of the saved time that could be spent on other important tasks in the company. The difference in workflow becomes evident as soon as you transition from manual record-keeping to its digital form. The employees report on how incredibly helpful e-signatures are for making the job flow comfortable and truly effective. The electronic program eliminates the unnecessary steps from the process of paper signing, including spending time on actually running around with the document, especially if there is more than one signer in line.


The Areas of Use for Electronic Signature Programs


There is a lot of specialized software on the market based on the industry and company type. It is important to select suitable programs for your company to achieve peak efficiency by unleashing its full potential. One of the biggest advantages of electronic signature programs and SignNow specifically is the incredible versatility. Virtually any business, regardless of the area of work or company type, can utilize it equally. You might find e-signing software useful in the following areas:


  •  Health organizations – going to the hospital for even some minor health issues and checkups means dealing with numerous documents. Both patients and medical workers always wish to be able to finish with all the bureaucracy quicker. Signing papers electronically is the best solution in this situation as it makes the process much simpler and faster for everyone.


  •  The government – the period required for the most basic document to pass is always extremely long. The more people have to approve a single paper, the longer and more tiring this process becomes. Electronic signature programs speed up the process considerably and even allow making some stages automatic.


  •  Schools and colleges – there is a huge amount of paperwork involved in the education process, starting from accepting students into school and finishing with the management of various student records. Having a smooth documentation flow is crucial for every educational institution, especially when working with international students.


These are just a few examples, but any possible business will find a way to utilize SignNow efficiently. Nowadays, you can easily find any software on the market. Unfortunately, such programs often lack some features required for your company specifically or come with a poor price-to-quality ratio. SignNow is an affordable yet supreme-quality solution for small and large scale companies. Here are some of the reasons why this software has become so popular:


  •  Easy in use – SignNow is very simple both at the beginning and while working with it for a long time. The main goal of developers was to create such a program that will facilitate the workflow without adding other difficulties such as spending a lot of time learning how to use it in the first place.


  •  Convenient interface – while the workers have a chance to become familiar with the program, the customers will see it for the first time in most cases. The intuitive and user-friendly design will become helpful for any client that needs to sign a contract or edit certain data.


  •  Can be installed on almost any device – one of the most crucial parts about any software is how many devices it can cover. If a certain program is suitable only for computers, it will limit the work of the company quite a lot. SignNow solves the issue by developing separate software versions for stationary and portable devices running on different operating systems.


  •  High protection of data – since such programs work with personal data and confidential information, the creators of SignNow care deeply about the security of your information. The latest technologies and methods of encryption are utilized for increased protection.


The Range of Features Included in SignNow Software


SignNow is an irreplaceable program for any modern company. It is simple in use and complex features at the same time. As a result,  a single software that helps to take care of numerous tasks instead of spending time and money on several programs was developed. With SignNow, you will be able to:


  •  Sign documents in various ways – there are a few different possibilities for signing digital papers. You can choose one to your liking or make one of them obligatory for the company to avoid confusion.


  •  Edit and customize papers – there is a wide array of tools for making changes in the documents via your phone or computer. You can allow editing throughout the whole document or make only certain parts open for the recipients.


  •  Create a line for signatures – now, you do not have to bring the document to each signer because the program will do it for you. Just put all the people in line and wait for the finished paper.


Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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