The Arrival Of Instagram Reels And How It Will Impact The Marketing Industry

The advent of Instagram Reels has been the talk of the town for the past few months. Instagram, which is always lauded for frequently incorporating new features to its application that used to satiate its users, has come up with reels this time. Instagram Reels can be explained in a few words by stating that it is a duplication of TikTok. Though this feature is more similar to TikTok, it provides a multitude of benefits for e-commerce. Since Instagram is the most preferred platform in B2C for product promotions, the arrival of Instagram Reels has facilitated the process of grabbing the attention of prospects for brands.


Instagram Reels: 


Instagram Reels are short duration videos that will last for 15 seconds. The reels videos can be captured in real-time, or you can also upload a video from your mobile gallery. To make this feature much more interesting, Instagram has rolled out video editing tools that will help you in creating an engaging video. You will also get access to AR effects from the effects gallery of Instagram. In the effects gallery, you will find effects from Instagram and the effects created by the other users on Instagram. So, you will have a wide range of AR effects from which you can choose the one that exactly matches your video. You can apply the previously saved filters for reels. Instagram provides you complete control for reels videos. It offers options for speed adjustments so that you could fast-forward or slow down the speed of the video. If you have captured the video for reels and falling short of suitable music, you can choose from the Instagram music library. Thus, Instagram has facilitated the process of creating a compact reel. All you have to do is ideate a theme that could easily connect with your audience. The wiser move from Instagram is that rather than introducing reels as a standalone application, it has incorporated it into the Instagram application. So, if a person is willing to try reels, he has to update Instagram to the latest version. You can use Trollishly to drive leads for your reels.


How Have Reels Fuelled Up The Growth Of Instagram?


Rather than introducing Reels globally at a time, Instagram is rolling-out the reels in one region after another. Based on the response it receives from a country, Instagram will decide on expanding it to other regions. So far reels have been received well in all the countries where it was tested. For instance, Reels was first introduced in Brazil as Cenas in November 2019. After the launch of Reels, the user base for Instagram is increasing by 1% every month to date.


After Brazil, Reels was expanded to France and Germany in June 2020. In July 2020, Facebook introduced its Reels in India, one of its biggest markets. Since the launch of Reels, Instagram is witnessing an impressive rise in its stats. The time consumed on the application by people in the country has risen by 3.5% with a surge in the downloads by 11.4%. Today, Reels has been launched in nearly 50 countries globally. The reels will contribute to the rise in Instagram’s user base in all these countries, thus making the platform much more crucial for B2C marketing more than ever before.


How Reels Can Be Taken Advantage As A Marketing Medium: 


Reels will be the next center of focus for both social media marketers and users. For instance, when Instagram stories and IGTV were introduced, they had a higher engagement rate during their earlier days. Likewise, Reels is expected to have a surge in its consumption rate for a certain period. Here, we put forth how reels can be utilized.


  • E-Commerce Brands:

Keeping in mind the shorter duration of the reels, you should come with video content that could instantly ignite the interest of the viewer. If you are going to promote a product, take its most vital and unique factor, and ideate content around it. For instance, we can consider a mobile phone. Today, mobile users’ common concern is to protect their phone from cracks and damages that occur due to unexpected falling off the phone on the surface. So, to convince them, you can come with a reels video in which a sledgehammer is striking against the mobile phone, causing no damage to the phone. Thus the video communicates the rigidity of the phone, which is quite convincing for the viewer. You can add sound effects from the Instagram music library and also make the video much intriguing by making use of the editing tools.


  • Influencer Marketing:

Influencers on Instagram have already begun to use reels to find how the new feature fits for them. We are witnessing the trend of TikTok influencers moving to Instagram. All these moves will result in the rise of the number of reels videos, resulting in its higher consumption rate.


Nike collaborated with the Instagram influencer ‘Colormecourtney’ and came up with the reel video. In the reels available in her Instagram handle, you can see her showcasing Nike’s various quarantine outfits. If you have decided to go with influencers to promote your product, choose the one whose reels videos have turned into a hit, and have a consistent number of your target audience.


  • Share Moments Through Reels:

You can also make use of the memorable events that took place in your workplace for creating reels. For instance, let us consider that you handed over awards to the best performing employees at the anniversary event of your company. You might have overwhelmed and hugged the awardees during the event. This part of the video footage can be extracted and added to the reels column of your Instagram handle with a relevant background. People watching the reel will come to know how happy you are for your employees being a boss. Such warm gestures can be amplified efficiently using reels, which eventually garner a good reputation for your company.


  • Launch Hashtag Challenges:

If you consider the most successful campaigns on TikTok, the majority of them were hashtag challenges. With reels possessing the exact characteristics of TikTok, you can launch hashtag challenges by conceptualizing themes that revolve around your products. Hooking up with influencers is also an ideal way for hashtag challenges.


  • Showcase Your Workplace Atmosphere:

Showing the office atmosphere and the day-to-day activities that happen there could also build a reputation for your company among people. Especially during this pandemic, you can showcase how social distance is maintained and providing gloves of sanitizer to your employees. Such a measure will let people know how much you care about your employees.


Generate Leads Organically Through Explore Tab:


Explore Tab is the feature that will help you generate leads organically without spending a single penny. You could garner a more reach for your video through the explore tab than promoting it through sponsored posts. Instagram allows reels videos to appear on the explore tab. To make your reels get into the explore tab, it must have attained a higher reach organically. A notable feature of this feature is that Instagram will make the reel to appear in the explore tab of the people relevant to you. For instance, if your reels video of riding a motorcycle has received a higher engagement, it will feature in the explore tab of the people who follow a considerable number of pages relevant to motorcycles and have interacted with the posts in it. This is the way explore tab use to work. You can harvest a consistent number of leads through this tab.


Bottom Line:


Since TikTok is embroiled under convictions that it is breaching the user data to China and getting banned in countries, the arrival of Reels will only increase the user base of Instagram further. Since Instagram has not come up with a clear statement on paid-advertising and analytics for reels, you can use this time to test waters. Try out different concepts for reels and look at the way people are responding to it. In this way, you can find out what works best for you and come up with engaging reels.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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