Modern Web Technologies to Follow in The Second Half of 2020


Web developers function in environments that are gradually evolving, under a set of techniques and regulations. The advancement in modern web technologies calls for professionals to adapt swiftly and try keeping up with the changes surrounding them. Developers need to keep up with the most vital technologies that are on the rise instead of those that are not ready for prime time. We, therefore, decided to compile a list of web technologies and trends that will be of importance in the second half of 2020.

1.     Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations are fast embracing artificial intelligence into their digital transformation strategies. The healthcare sector is the most recent beneficiary of AI, with the development of apps that allow you to check your symptoms, consult with your doctors, and even get access to your health records. The app functions effectively by incorporating AI technology with real one-on-one consultations. As a web developer, you can use artificial intelligence to analyze and understand the behavior of people who visit your website.

2.     Programming Languages

Computers require programming languages to communicate. There are several programming languages one can choose from:

●     JavaScript

It is the most widely used globally. Web browsers, Meteor, and many other frameworks use JavaScript as their programming language. Using JavaScript, one can write a PDF for web applications using C# open-source library.

●     Python

Widely used by the Django framework and also in mathematical calculations.

●     Java

Commonly used by Androids and several other desktop applications.

●     Ruby

A user-friendly programming language best for beginners in the web development world. Ruby has a popular framework- Ruby on Rails- loved by a majority, and known for its high productivity.

●     Scala

It is fully known as Scalable Language. It came as an attempt to rewrite Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

●     PHP

WordPress uses PHP to develop the WYSIWYG editors.

3.     Static Website Hosting

A trend in hosting known as Netlify and JAMstack is slowly emerging in 2020. Netlify is a web hosting infrastructure and automation technology firm located in San Francisco. Netlify’s co-founder, Mathias Biilman, later came up with the idea of JAMstack. Both Netlify and JAMstack offer affordable next-generation web hosting and automation services. The reason behind the development of these websites was to satisfy the need for fast-performing websites.

4.     Chatbots

Developers create Chatbots using artificial intelligence and omnichannel. They are mainly used for customer care services and also for automating processes, particularly those of analytics and marketing. The need for chatbots is likely to grow in the second half of 2020. Chatbot’s virtual assistants such as Cortana in Microsoft, Siri in Apple, Alexa, and Amazon, alongside other voicemail robots, have helped both small and large enterprises engage in social interactions. A chatbot always communicates to a real person, but developers are trying to come up with applications that will allow chatbots to communicate with each other. The development makes it easy for omnichannel to build reliable digital customer experience and ensure consistency between voice, messaging, chat, and web applications.

5.     Frameworks

Frameworks have the task of making your work with programming languages much simpler. Below are the most popular frameworks you should consider in 2020:

●     Angular

It is one of the latest technologies designed particularly for developing dynamic web applications. It allows you to create front-end based applications without necessarily having to use other frameworks.

●     Django

Written in Python language and follows the MVC structural design.

Meteor Js – Written in Node.js. The framework makes it easier for you to develop real-time web applications for various platforms.


●     Zend

It is an open-source framework aimed at creating more reliable and secure web applications. Based on the PHP language.

●     JavaScript Framework

You can decide to use either React or Vue. JavaScript allows you to have the IRONPDF that helps in the conversion of.ASPX to PDF form. You can then access the document through the C# PDF reader.


●     Laravel

This framework works with PHP and is ideal for small websites.


As a web developer, you need to continuously learn new things and stay up to date with the advancing web technologies. As time goes by, website owners are asking more advanced questions than the usual ‘how to prevent pop up banners on a website.’ Therefore, you need to stay on track with the latest trends and techniques for you to remain relevant in the tech world.