How to create Collaborative Inbox in Gmail

Google has added a new feature to Gmail users. Now they can add collaborative inbox to their mail, which allows Groups members the right set of permissions. To assign a conversation to each other and can also track it.

This new update from Google is very handy for the users. Because most of the employees who are working in the IT field are working from home. This will be a very big task for them, they need to coordinate with their group members. By using this new feature, they can track the details of ongoing project.

If you are wondering, how to create a Collaborative Inbox in Gmail. Here are the steps, by following these steps you can create one on your own.

1. Open Google Groups and Sign in with the Admin account credentials.

2. Here enter details, like name, description, group email, etc and click Next.

3. In this step, you need to define settings for your group members with the owner, manager, and member roles in the group. You can also be able to keep the group private or public.

4. This is your final step, after following all the above steps, you need to click the Create Group option to create a group.

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