4 Jobs That Are On The Rise In The IT Industry


The information technology (IT) industry has been constantly changing over the last few years now. And because of the constant developments in technology, there have been many new jobs emerging that never existed many years ago. And although many of us think that all jobs in IT involve staring at a computer screen all day, there are a lot of jobs in IT that encompass other skills that you may have.


1.SEO Specialist

If you want to combine your talents for IT with your love of marketing, you should consider becoming an SEO specialist. Search engine optimization (SEO) as the name suggests is all about search engines and the internet. These professionals help their clients to get better traffic to their respective websites so that become more popular or visible online. This is done by building links to important pages on a website, targeting important keywords that users search for, and optimizing a site so that is more friendly for users. There is a lot involved in SEO, and there is always something to learn about so your job as an SEO specialist will be forever changing. So if you have IT skills and you are looking to branch into something different, becoming an SEO specialist might be for you.


 2. Animator

If you enjoy working in IT but you still want to be creative, you should consider becoming an animator. These days, a large portion of animation is done on a computer, because it is a lot easier to manipulate graphics with a computer. Animators use special effects to create graphics, films, and other content for whoever they need to. They can work in many different mediums and can make content for a subject possible, so the sky is really the limit when it comes to animation. Most animators are skilled in graphic design, 3D modeling, UI/UX, and interactive design amongst other things, so you need to be proficient in using many programs and types of software to be a successful animator.


3. Programmer

If you want to work in IT, you’ve probably thought about becoming a programmer at some point, because it is probably the most well-known job in this field. A computer programmer basically designs and builds programs that your computer will perform. In other words, programmers come up with a collection of instructions that can be executed by a computer to perform a specific task. A lot of programmers will go into creating games because they often need people to program their characters in their games for them, but programmers are also needed for other applications on computers and digital devices. To become a great computer programmer you need to get accredited and complete a qualification in programming. Online course providers like have a number of programming courses available to those who want to become a programmer. So you can become a qualified computer programmer quickly and legitimately.

4. Cybersecurity Specialist

With more and more of us spending our lives online, the need for cybersecurity specialists has never been more apparent, so it is a great job for someone with IT skills to get involved in. Cybersecurity specialists monitor any suspicious activity online and they try to protect companies and organizations from potential threats online. A lot of big companies and organizations will employ someone to specifically deal with their cybersecurity so that important company files are not leaked and that their online presence is not compromised in any way. Although it is not an area that a lot of people want to get into, there are more and more jobs emerging in this niche of IT, so there will always be jobs available to those in this field.


There are many jobs today that are emerging out of the IT industry, which is perfect for those who are skilled at using computers. Whether you want to pursue a career in IT that is focused on data and getting results or you would prefer to do something more creative that involves thinking outside the box, you are bound to find a job in IT that showcases your many talents. So if you are thinking of starting a career in IT or you want to change careers to a different niche in your field, some of these jobs may be right for you.