Google released new Pixel features with Android 11

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Android 11 started rolling out with new Pixel handsets. Google started to release new features, with the Android 11 handsets. Google will be updating its features. Now they updated some other features with Android 11. Let’s go through them.



Updates you need to look at:

1.) Live view with location sharing:

2.) Smart reply on Gboard:

3.) Built-in screen recording:

4.) More Privacy controls:

Google Pixel comes with these new features that are discussed as above. Some of the features updated by Google are very helpful for users, like live location sharing. You can share your live location with your friend, which is very handy for the users. And these features are very handy and something new features provided by Google with Android 11.

The features will roll to more handsets, as Android 11 becomes more widely available. The smart app suggestion feature is a bit odd because it appears on the dock instead of on the home screen.