Create a Perfect Android Mobile App to Pull Ahead of Your Competitors

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The mobile industry developed at a galloping pace, in less than 30 years we went from large and heavy phones that allowed us to make calls and send text messages to multifunctional smart devices with powerful hardware that provide a wide range of features we’ve become so used to that it’s all but impossible to imagine what our lives would look today without them.

The advent of mobile technology gave birth to many new industries and extended the capacity of those which already existed. Mobile app development is a lucrative industry that allows brands to interact with their consumers away from their homes and offices. However, to build an app that would help your business it’s of vital importance to engage your target audience by offering more than your competitors. In this article, we’re going to examine the main aspects of the mobile app development process you should consider if you wish to stomp your competitors.

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Before you even start the development, you should have a clear layout of available functions. It goes without saying that the more functions you introduce the larger the app would be, so try to play your hand smart and focus only on functions that would matter to your consumers while they’re on the go. Put yourself in the users’ position and figure out what would you require as an average user.

Depending on your industry, there’s a whole range of actions and operations a person could need, perhaps the best option is to keep in mind those that directly influence your revenue as well as a set of options that allow your consumers to manage their account.

In addition, since the mobile industry is so rich in diverse brands, types of devices, and hardware configurations, it of vital importance to make sure your app works seamlessly across all existing platforms. This is where your Quality Assessment process comes in, you’ll have to test the app and fix any functionality issues before the launch, otherwise, you’re risking the wrath of initial users that could sink your entire effort.


User experience is one of the most crucial elements of any business and it includes everything from the design of your logo to the quality of customer service you provide. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll manage to create an app that would delight everyone by default. However, if you allow users to customize their in-app experience then you have a chance to satisfy the needs and wants of a large portion of your target market.

If users need to log in, introduce a fingerprint login option or some other popular way to confirm user ID. If your business is reaching out to the global market, supply a set of different languages so users from various geo locations can use your app without trouble. You could be running the best essay writing service UK has to offer, but if a Spanish speaking person can’t figure out how to place an order, you’re losing money. Let the users choose what they need, don’t try and force the choice onto them.

The latest advancements in smart technology allow you to create an algorithm that would keep track of a user’s experience and performance to provide customization suggestions and thus further enhance the overall user experience.


Pre-launch testing

It’s of paramount importance to make sure your app works correctly before you “take it to the streets” and this is where the pre-launch testing plays a significant role. It’s not enough to have your app tested for different types of devices, you should also keep in mind the safety element. Test for security gaps with a special focus on the integrity of user data such as login information, credit cards, and uploaded files.

Also, create a focus group by choosing individuals that best match your target audience and use their feedback to make final improvements. Consider everything your focus group data shows, from app performance to navigation and design features. It’s natural for an app to grow and change over time, since the market requirements also change over time, however, your aim is to start the race from a firm position if you’re to move forward.

According to the most recent market trends, Android mobile app development can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and take several months to complete. Without a holistic testing process that would guarantee a high-quality performance and user experience, you could face additional expenses and loss of market caused by the retraction of the app.

Size matters

Although storage doesn’t represent a major obstacle, it’s very important to make your app as small as possible to expedite the download process and reduce the amount of mobile data usage. According to the official Android development website, users avoid downloading huge apps so your goals should be the reduction of file size.

Android App Bundle is the most effective manner to reduce the size of your mobile app because it allows you to upload a file that includes all resources and compiled code but doesn’t overload the user with unnecessary files. More precisely, this helps Google Play to choose the APK version that best fits the user’s device type and prevents loading unnecessary data. The users receive the APK version that’s optimized for their hardware which also secures optimal performance.

Additionally, you can reduce the number of resources from external libraries if you use them. Certain libraries could hold files required for desktop or server use; therefore, you should modify the library and keep only that which is essential for your app.


No tutorial would teach you how to build an Android app that will swipe the competitors and make you a millionaire over a night. However, these pieces of advice combined with your vision and ingenuity should make your road to success a lot less bumpy. Keep in mind that the mobile app industry is moving forward rapidly and it’s up to you to follow the latest changes and use them to stay ahead of your competition. Also, organize a strong team of experts to work on your app because every product is only as good as the people behind its inception.