T-Mobile Project 10 million will connect millions of students.

T-Mobile is currently pushing its Project 10 Million, which will make sure that millions of students will get connected to the Internet for free. Project 10 Million started since last year after T-Mobile merged with Sprint. This project will actually connect 10 million houses to the Internet. The sole goal of the project is to make sure students don’t have any gap in getting knowledge over the internet, even without any individual internet connection.

As per the project, T-mobile is giving 100GB of free internet data per-year. Also, students will get access to tablets and laptops which will at-cost devices. As per the firm, the cost of each device will cost around $500 a year for each student. Also, there is a free mobile hotspot that will be free for 5 years. But for that, you need to have students enrolled in the National School Lunch program to be qualified. It is going to be in the hands of the school and the parents. All they have to do is sign-up or enroll the students on T-Mobile. For parents, just add your zip code, email, and student’s school name.

And because of the ongoing pandemic, even 100GB might be very less for students if they are using video calling as a medium all the time. To tackle this situation, T-Mobile is offering school districts with option to either choose between 100GB or unlimited data, so that students doesn’t miss their studies.

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