8 Technologies Which Seamed Just Dreams in Past

Everything is in a state of continual change. Things that seemed just dreams in the past become reality, while the old reality becomes the past. Technology has undergone many changes over the years, this field being one of the most popular ones to enter. More professionals and specialists are now trained in the tech world than ever before, meaning that ideas are flourishing, and brainstorms are constant. Today, we will look at some of the most important technologies that have evolved in the last decade, and how they became so popular in such a short time. What seemed like a dream yesterday became the reality of today, so let’s explore these eight technologies further.

  1. Artificial intelligence or AI

AI has become one of the most important technologies today. It has a high chance of changing the future, as many researchers are currently predicting. Many automated processes and future technologies will be based on Artificial Intelligence practices. While it is true that AI and Deep Learning have existed way before the Internet was born, the new concept of AI being implemented into our society has only recently been considered.

With the empowerment of technology and intense data processing, AI is slowly becoming just strong enough to sustain entire technologies by itself. Today, you can interact with AI on your smartphone (various apps), through smart cars such as Tesla, or even within your banking system. AI is quickly becoming the new normal.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

Today, AR and VR technologies allow people to experiment with “what-ifs.” What if you were on an island alone and needed to survive? What if your company was failing and you had to do what was necessary to keep it afloat? What if you had to improve your business strategy – could you? What if you had to perform surgery as a medical student – would you be able to do it? AR and VR offer students as well as people working in other domains the ability to put themselves in certain situations to come up with quick yet smart solutions. The gaming and marketing industry are also changing along with AR and VR, so stay tuned for more!

  1. Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain is the new technology used to digital currency such as Bitcoin or Lithium. It is the new tech advancement that will soon take over the world and change things around quite fast. Blockchain and other similar technologies have the real technological power to influence the world in various directions through law enforcement, elections, healthcare, college essay writing service practices, or real estate. Some of its main features include Distributed Data Storage, Hash Encryption, Consensus Mechanism, and Immutability, making it a desired asset for many.

  1. The Internet of Things or IoT

Another important technology that has become popular over the years is the Internet of Things. While many marketers are still lost when hearing this word, IoT is nothing but a virtual network that allows for single monitoring and centering of resources. IoT connects devices that store and share the same data and is mostly used for mobile phones, smart washing machines, and might become used for kitchen apparatus. With IoT, cities could be transformed completely in the future through the implementation of smart traffic systems, efficient waste management, and more sustainable energy use.

  1. Robotic Process Automation or RBA

Robotic Process Automation is a system widely used within the business field as it allows employees to automize tasks, routines, and data entering. Employees will no longer have to work as intensely as before – they could benefit from more free time, thereof. RPA is the main scheme underlying many business automation practices and policies.

  1. Big Data

By storing and processing data altogether in a rather constructive system, Big Data allows for easier data association within an organization and the online world. Most businesses today rely on huge data and essential analytical schemes to gain more information about their clients. This info can include data on product research, marketing initiatives, and customer preferences, and can be extremely useful and necessary for thriving business environments.

  1. Cognitive Cloud Computing

Cognitive Cloud Computing is an online ecosystem that can bring customer preferences into the hands of the companies. This is considered one of the biggest realizations of the IT industry of the century. CCC can converse human language into decision-making processes by assessing Big Data. It used to be the technology of the future – but it is right here now!

  1. DevOps

DevOps is the common-known technology of developing operations that go hand in hand with each other. The first step within a DevOps operation is planning, which means identifying and describing these desired features of future technologies and visualizing results. The next step is developing these apps by coding, writing, testing, and reviewing. The third step involves the delivery of these processes by transforming them into reliable environments, while the last step, operating, involved monitoring and troubleshooting apps in real-world environments to improve DevOps practices.


The new technologies that have emerged in the last decade will have an influential impact on how companies run and how business practices are achieved or maintained. It is therefore important to know and understand what these technologies are and how they can play an important role in society.



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