LG’s “Wings” launching on September 14th!

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LG’s has been working on its Dual-screen Smartphone, “Wings” for quite some time now. Looks like LG is finally ready to unveil the handset. LG posted an official invitation teaser video for the launch of the handset.

According to the video post, this device will have an extended display that will have rotating capabilities. Rumors from back in May had also suggested the same. The extended display is placed horizontally on the top which likely can rotate up to 90°


While LG had soo far only launched dual-screen handsets by using a second display case to attach to the original; handset. LG is finally going to launch a true Dual Screen Handset “Wings”

According to LG Newsroom, the handset is just a glimpse of its “Explorer Project”. It is the first smartphone under this new lineup. The post also reveals that “LG is collaborating with industry partners Rave, Ficto, Tubi and NAVER to develop unique features that will elevate the mobile viewing experience on Explorer Project devices”.


The launch event will take place on the 14th of September. We will get to see then what the “Wings” is all about along with the details of its “Explorer Project”.

via - Engadget

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