Intel Tiger Lake

Intel Tiger lake CPUs will primarily target Chromebooks.


Intel Tiger Lake is the codename for the next generation of Intel’s processors. The Tiger Lake is the 11th generation of the Intel Processor lineup and comes with a new 10nm process. As per the information by Intel, the new 11th-gen processors will primarily target Chromebooks, turbo-charging their performance.

Do mind that these are going to be the U-series processors which I am mentioning here. And since the next generation Intel processors will be used extensively on Chromebooks, let’s see how good they are.

As per Intel, the flagship U-series processor, the i7-1185G7 will have around 2.7 times faster in photo editing, two times faster in video editing, and twice the faster than the last generation. If you see things clearly, Intel is directly heading to a head to head battle with AMD.

As of now AMD Ryzen 4000U is the kind of fan favorite in mobile processors. However, Intel is still dominating the market in mobile processors.

The new performance gain comes with the new Iris Xe graphics that come with the processors. The Iris Xe graphics has the capability to run Borderlands 3, Hitman 2, and Far Cry New Dawn in 1080p, although framerates not known.

Intel Tiger Lake brief specifications.

In terms of specifications, the Tiger Lake processors come with Xe or UHD graphics with as large as 96 EUs and 12MB of L3 cache. The max single-core frequency goes as high as 4.8GHz and as low as 3.9GHz in single-core. The base clock starts from as low as 1.8GHz to as high as 3.5GHz. Since there are 9 processors in talk with 5 belongs to UP3 and rest 4 belongs to the UP4 category.

The high-end processor in UP3 is the i7-1185G7, which comes with a core clock speed of 3.0GHz, with max core frequency goes to 4.8GHz. On the other hand, the All Core Frequency goes to as high as 4.3GHz.

Oh boi, my i7-9750H is crying its heart out. This processor goes all core for 4GHZ, and Single Core goes to 4.5GHZ.

The U-series processors have maximum of 4 cores with 8 Threads, and lowest going with 2 cores 4 threads. Yeah, i3 here!

The TDP of the processors can go from 7W to 12W and 28W. So yes, they are actually low powered processors, and yes using in Chrome book is justified.

Intel Tiger Lake-U series

How to qualify for the Evo branding by Intel?

The new Evo branding that Intel recently filed a patent for is meant to make a system/laptop as thin as possible packed with performance. To qualify, a laptop needs to follow certain guidelines.

  1. Consistent responsiveness to the battery,
  2. System Wake from sleep in less than 1 seconds.
  3. 9 hours or more battery life in real-life situations on FHD displays.
  4. Fast Charging in less than 30 minutes for FHD display systems with a total charge of up to 4 hours in the given time.

As of now, this is just theoretical performance gains. We are yet to see how Intel’s new SuperFin process-based CPUs perform in real-life scenarios.

Source: Android Central

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