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Best Apple Watch Apps for Students to Plan Their Schedule

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Many things mark the Apple Watch as different from just being another smart device. It can be used for various things and in different situations, and academics is definitely not ruled out. The features of the Apple watch are probably the best that you’ll get anywhere, and it offers a lot of power to the user, and that is why it is an ideal device to help you boost your level of productivity. This is even more effective for students.

It is usual for students to go through that rush hour of trying to get themselves ready on time for their class. They also have to be focused and try to be more productive. This means that scheduling has to be a way of life for them. For students with the Apple watch, they have all that they need to plan themselves and be more productive with the different apps on the Apple watch that can help them plan their schedule. Here are some of the best Apple Watch apps listed by twiftnews for students to plan their schedule:

The Timer App

This is an in-built app in the Apple watch that comes in very handy, especially when you have to work within very tight timelines or you have a close deadline to reach. It can also be useful for scheduling breaks. There are two ways to bring this app up when you need it. You can either ask Siri to help you set a timer or go to the app manually. This app can also be useful for you if you’re looking to focus on your study with the Pomodoro strategy.

The Pomodoro strategy for the study is a strategy that involves the student working at a stretch for 25 minutes. Then they take a break of five minutes in-between. This is a strategy that you can try out with the Timer App on Apple watch to boost your productivity and efficiency.


Having a perfect schedule is vital to the student to be productive and efficient with their studies. This is what Timepage helps them to achieve. Timepage is very much a regular iOS app, but it also has the iStudiez, which is the Apple Watch extension. You can use this app to set up your schedule for every day or even set your calendar with necessary reminders.

With this Apple Watch app, you can create and view your schedule and also receive reminders on the watch. So, even if you aren’t with your phone around you, you can still maintain your schedule and remain on track for the day.

Fantastical – Calendar & Tasks

Many people have considered this app, an iOS app, to replace an app such as the Stock calendar. This app doesn’t just look good. It is also a natural language engine, a powerful one that allows the student to take charge of the event by dictating it while the app makes the schedule.

There’s a version for the Apple Watch, and it doesn’t just allow the user to look through their list of scheduled events for the week or day. The student user can record using the mic and directly set their activities from the watch. For instance, if you want to study chemistry by 7 pm, all you need to do is tap the watch and say “study chemistry by 7 pm.” This app will automatically create a schedule for that event, and when the time is right, for you to start studying, it’ll notify you. It’s that simple and effective.


A crucial part of everything that you will do in class as a student is to take notes. Note-taking aids quicker assimilation and also gives you something that you can easily fall back on as a student. However, we understand that taking notes with the hands isn’t something that everyone likes to do, and the developers of Draft also follow the same. That’s why they made the app.

The Drafts app allows the student to take notes directly with their phone. There’s a dictation feature on the app that takes note down with your voice. There’s also a different feature known as the Advanced Capture feature.

This can leverage on the scribble feature of the Apple watch and can allow you to use your fingers to write very brief notes. With this app, you are definitely not going to lose track of your notes.


It is crucial for you as a student, with all the tight schedules that you have, to get enough sleep. As well as you study, you also need to rest. The fact that the watch is always somewhere around you makes it effective for a sleep tracker app such as the sleep ++ to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep.

This app also uses the motion of the Apple Watch and other health tracking functions within it to make sure that you get that nightly sleep and also show it to you. You’ll be able to see for how long you were asleep. If there were also times during the night when you had a restless sleep or was awake, you’d see this for yourself as well. Overall, this app helps you develop good sleep hygiene while giving you tips on sleeping better at night.


There are many apps that you will find useful on your Apple Watch. These are some of the few that you can download.