Get a free Galaxy Note 20 5G free from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is giving away a free Galaxy Note 20 5G model for free if you buy one from them. However, there are certain terms and conditions for you to follow to be eligible for the offer.

First of all, get 2+ voice lines on qualifying plans to be eligible for this offer. This will now begin your eligibility now. Now purchase any of the 5G models from the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. Be it the Ultra, even the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G or Galaxy S20 5G will work.

In case you go with the S20 5G you can get another one for free as well, the rest of them except the Note 20 5G will have $1000 off on the purchase. DO note, you have to get the device on a monthly installment basis.

Now Once you selected a device, select another device from the same list, however, the price should be lesser than or equal to the previous device on a monthly basis. Now just pay any down payment and taxes applicable.

The monthly plan will be for 24 bill cycles. That is if you get a Galaxy Note 20 5G for $41.67/mo, you will have to pay the same for 24 months. In case you cancel the plans/account, you may have to pay the complete cost of both the devices.

Source: T-Mobile

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