Amazon Halo

Amazon Halo is the First Fitness Band from the eCommerce Giant

Amazon, Halo Band

Amazon finally joins the fitness gadget bandwagon by launching the Halo and Halo Band. While Halo is a subscription service for fitness enthusiasts, those looking to get the most out of it can also get a Halo Band.

The Halo Band is one of a kind fitness band with no display. This is because Amazon wants you to focus on the things that matter in your health journey, and not glance at your wife’s texts while running. Amazon is using its “deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning” to help users with their health goals.

Amazon Halo Band

Halo Band has everything but a display

The Halo Band may not have a display but it has everything else you would normally find on a fitness band. It has got an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, a button to turn mics on or off, and an LED indicator light. The band is also water-resistant which means you can swim with it as well.

About that mic, it is not for Alexa. Surprisingly, right? Amazon has made privacy one of the greatest focusing points of this wearable tech. The mics are, however, for something called the “Tone” feature which will detect the energy and positivity in your voice! With the use of machine learning over time, the feature will become more accurate. This is something that we need to definitely check out in real life.

Amazon Halo is also a Fitness App

Amazon Halo has also got everything you would find in a fitness app. It can detect your activity. The app also gives you points for these activities and deducts them if you are sedentary for a long time. It also measures your sleep and gives you a sleep score based on the Halo band. You can even measure your BMI by taking a picture of yourself for more

The Amazon Halo Band is priced for $99 although you can get one for $64.99 as an introductory offer. It also includes six-month of the Amazon Halo subscription.