Samsung My Files

Samsung My Files allows you to access Network storage.


Starting today, if you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you might receive a new update to My Files app. This new update brings support to access network storage with ease directly into the app. This feature is pretty handy, especially for those who have their own network storage at home and want to access it on phone without any extra app.

The process is way too simple. First of all, update the app from Galaxy Store. Next, head to My Files, and tap on Network Storage.

Now On the next screen, tap on Add Network Storage.

Now Select any of the two given options, FTP or SMB. For the time being I will use SMB for my home server (sorta). Add your IP address, Port number, Username and Password to Server. Port number for SMB is generally 445.

If you are succesful in adding the credentials and intial setup then congratulations! Now you can access your home server on your phone using Samsung My Files.

PS: The upload download can be limited to the smartphone as well as the WiFi band your smartphone is using. For example, here my A6 Plus is using the 2.4GHz band, so the upload speed to the server was limited to around 3MB/s, which was fluctuating for some reason.

Source: Galaxy Store

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