Five Free Marketing Resources to Help Establish Your Brand Presence


Starting out is hard, no matter what line of business you are in. During that hectic startup phase, you are wearing many different hats covering sales, accounting, support, marketing, and more. One of the most crucial drivers of your growth and success for your business is marketing. How quickly you can establish a brand presence will determine how soon you can start to generate revenue and eventually even a profit.  With resources typically being scarce as you launch your business, you have to get creative on how you get some of these tasks done. In this post, we’ll look at free five marketing tools that you can leverage to establish your brand presence.


Logo Creator


We can’t discuss branding without first addressing your logo. If you already have a logo in place you’re off to the races. If you don’t or you aren’t quite satisfied with your logo give Logo Creator a shot. This free logo design application lets you create professional logos in just a few minutes. To get started choose your industry and then select a suitable logo template. Once it loads on the canvas you can then enter your business name and slogan. If your business name is long try to shorten it to make it more memorable by dropping legal terms like incorporated, inc., etc. A shorter name is more memorable and looks better in terms of design. You can fully customize your design by changing layout, fonts, colors, effects, etc. When you are happy with your work click download and access your logo files in the high-resolution format right away.




Your marketing efforts are only as effective as your brand assets. If your promotional pieces like your social media posts, business cards and presentations are poorly designed your messaging will get lost. Canva is a browser-based free graphic design solution built for non-designers. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a learning curve or length onboarding process. To get started simply choose which branding item you want to design and then select a template. All of the templates are fully customizable. You can save your work for editing at a later point or download instantly and publish or print at the click of a button.




With your logo in place and branding assets nicely designed it’s time to think about promotion. Once of the most effective ways to establish your brand presence is through social media. Creating, scheduling, and engaging with social media content is time-consuming. Later solves part of this problem by automating content scheduling. Instead of doing so manually for each of your social media accounts you can simply set up a campaign with them and set your schedule.  The setup only takes a few minutes. Register and link all of your business’ social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. From there you can visually plan, analyze, and schedule your posts. With the cumbersome task of scheduling out of the way, you can focus on creating engaging content pieces instead to further your marketing efforts.




Your marketing efforts are only as good as your engagement rate on your website. If you generate a lot of visitors to your website but most bounce right away you’ll have a hard time converting them into dollars. Tawak offers a free website chat function. Being able to communicate with your visitors live via chat as they are browsing your website can be a game-changer for your conversion rates. Getting started with Tawk is easy. Simply register and then install their code snippet on your website. You’ll then be able to chat instantly and access insights such as chat log history from your account.




Another well-known and powerful marketing tool is email. Whether you are a web-based business or brick and mortar you should encourage customers and potential leads to share their email with you. Email gives you a way to communicate in a non-intrusive way over the long term. This gives you an opportunity to build trust and to introduce yourself and your business as a leader in your industry. The sender offers a free email solution that allows you to import your carefully curated email list and to set drip campaigns that will run automatically. In addition to automating your email campaigns, you’ll also get valuable insights into data such as email open rate, bounce rate, etc.