Technologies to Watch for in the Future


Technology has truly made strides in the past 20 years. Back in the 1990s, we could not even have imagined being able to do the things, we do today. Thanks to the unwavering efforts and devotion of all the innovators over the years who went against all odds to achieve the unthinkable. We may not be living on other planets yet or flying to work like the Jetsons but there is no doubt, about how far we have come.

If someone had told me as a child that I would have all this luxurious technology available to me as an adult I would have laughed and told him or her they were crazy. However, now it’s unimaginable to live life without a smartphone that can do so much more than calls and texts, a car that can detect a collision, a laptop that can identify your face and a smart house with everything remotely controlled including locks, lights, cameras, thermostats, and whatnot.

Even the internet technology has evolved at an astounding pace. It feels like only yesterday we were so excited about the dial-up connection, just ecstatic how it allowed us to connect to the world, and now we’re quickly moving on to the fiber optic networks because cable seems too slow. We’ve come a long way from spending hours trying to download a file to streaming lag-free videos online, and there is nothing we can’t do over the internet right now.

However, for you to be able to stay connected with family and friends, work from home in the current pandemic, keep your homes secure from the criminals who are on the rise nowadays, etc. you will need a high-speed internet connection. When we say high-speed internet we mean that it is advisable that you get a cable internet connection like Optimum internet, Cox Internet, or Spectrum Internet, etc. All these providers and some others also have fiber-optic connectivity in select areas, so if that is available in your area and seems affordable there is nothing better in the market right now.

Just like technology has made such drastic advances in the past two decades, it can be seen the next decade will bring much evolution to the world technology-wise. The futurists among us are probably aware of many of these and are already preparing for the ride. However, it’s about time the rest of us prepare ourselves for the future too. As they say, you must learn from your mistakes, therefore, let’s not repeat what our parents or grandparents did when the world went digital. They resisted and were left behind.

So let us all move forward with the world and learn which ideas of today may become realities of our future.


Less Space & More Power

The ultimate dream of every tech fanatic is having technological solutions that take up the least space and provide the maximum possible power. Companies including IBM and Intel take this very seriously and continue to work towards providing even smaller and much more powerful devices in the years to come. Devices have without a doubt come a long way considering how a computer that filled the entire room is now a slim device we can put on our lap.



Automation has been the death of many professions and the cause of many unemployed people. However, contrary to popular belief it wasn’t automation that caused such a sad scenario. We could not adapt that left us stranded and clueless. Every business is built on one motive and that is profit. Therefore, it was inevitable that every sector would quickly automate their process to increase efficiency. However, there are further advances expected in this field to the point where everything would be controlled by our thoughts. How cool would that be? So get ready people it’s time to dust that rust off the brain and integrate it with your communication program.



Neurosurgeons and neurologists are continually trying to understand how our nerves function so that they can manipulate them to cure several neurological diseases. The day when mental acuity throughout your life becomes a normal thing may come sooner than we think. And to be honest I really can’t wait.


Quantum Engines

The hottest topic in the science community these days is quantum engines, and rightly so. Who wouldn’t want to reach the speed of light when traveling through space? I know I would be thrilled. Once quantum engines have been engineered space travel may finally become possible. Till now the only problem has been the engines that aren’t powerful enough to juice up huge space vessels for long periods. Quantum engines would be able to provide the required thrust and power, making it possible to acquire a speed equal to light.



Have you ever seen nanobots in a futuristic show working their way into a person’s body and performing surgery without the aid of a human doctor? Well, in the near future this may not just be a fragment of a scriptwriter’s imagination. It is very much possible that one of these days we will go into surgery where the human surgeon only decides which specialized nanobots will be injected into our body to treat the respective disease and then self-destruct. Look at how laser surgery changed our lives and then imagine what biodegradable nanobots could do for us.


Hologram Communication

Yes, we are already making very realistic holograms but they aren’t anywhere close to what the experts are brewing. The holograms of the future may integrate our entire consciousness that could be transferred and displayed anywhere in the world. These experts claim that we may be able to integrate our feelings and senses into these holograms making them so real that physical presence may become redundant. I doubt that we may entirely cease to communicate physically but it would surely be cool to send such life-like holograms.



You may be laughing at me right now but trust me these technologies will be real one of these days and we will need to use them in our daily life. Remember how we never thought we could have video calls like they did in Star Wars when we were little? Therefore, take my word for it and prepare yourself for a change in lifestyle yet again.