Chrome Tab Groups

Chrome Tab Groups make its way to Release channel.

Google, Google Chrome

Google has finally updated an update to the Release channel, updating the browser to a new version. The new update brings a new feature to the Chrome, that was announced in May this year. This new feature is the Chrome Tab Groups.

You can get this by updating to v85.0.4183.83, which is currently available for download. All you have to do is head to chrome://settings and head to About Chrome, and then check for updates. Now after update is downloaded, hit restart to restart browser. Now here is a twist, you cannot directly use tab groups.

All you have to do is, move to chrome://flags and search for groups or head here chrome://flags/#tab-groups. now Activate Tab Groups using the drop down, and then activate the #tab-groups-collapse and #tab-groups-feedback.

Sequence to go with:

  1. First, head to chrome://flags/#tab-groups
  2. Now Activate the tab groups,
  3. Then activate chrome://flags/#tab-groups-collapse
  4. And then chrome://flags/#tab-groups-feedback
  5. Relaunch the browser.

Now to use the tabs, Select a tab, right click, and Add to group. You can even assign colors to the tab groups.

This feature is pretty handy if you do not want a messed up tab bar when you use Chrome.

Source: No source but download Chrome from here

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