5 devices you can stop using if you have a smart speaker


How to get started with Amazon Echo and Alexa

If you have a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest Mini. Or any other device that supports Alexa or Google Assistant, then you can do quite a few things with your voice. Be it controlling smart lights or changing music or even asking Alexa to read out a new recipe. Smart speakers come handy and can help you let you get rid of some old devices in your house.


2. Smart speakers can replace old speakers:

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If you are still using an old speaker that you don’t want to throw away. Then you can add an Amazon Echo Dot device to the old speaker through AUX connection. While the old speaker will deliver the output sound, the Echo Dot will let you change music through voice. Also, if you feel your smart speaker sounds better then you can always discard the old one.


3. Use a smart speaker to talk to your TV instead of using a TV remote:

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If you have a smart TV, simply enable Alexa or use a FireTV Stick. Along with an Echo Dot to talk your TV to change content accordingly.


4. You can use a smart speaker to control smart LED lights instead of switches:

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If you have smart LED bulbs, then you can talk to your smart speaker to change colour. Intensity, or to switch it on or off.


5. The smart speaker can do the job of sending messages:

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Most smart speakers are wired, this means that they are required. To be kept at a fixed position at the home. The smart speaker allows you to call and send messages to your contacts through voice commands. So, in a way you can use them as a landline without hunting for your phone in your house.




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