YouTube is Listening to you while you’re Busy Watching Videos

Google, YouTube

Have you ever seen an advertisement or video on YouTube about something you just talked about minutes ago? It is something most of us online have experienced and as spooky it might sound, Google always denied that it uses our voice to push content onto our devices.

But something unusual happened to me when I pressed the home button on my iPhone 7 while watching a video on YouTube. I could see a red bar with the microphone icon on the top, saying “Touch to return to YouTube”. This indicates that YouTube was accessing my microphone this whole time.


Do note that my iPhone 7 is currently running on iOS 14 Beta 5. This could also be a bug, similar to what happened with Instagram a few weeks ago. Upon pulling up the Control Center, I could see YouTube has recently accessed my microphone as well.

But it is certainly quite an unusual experience for me. Also note that I currently am subscribed to YouTube Premium that allows me to play a video even in the background with PiP support coming later as well, thanks to iOS 14.

Edit: 23:00 IST– Issue exists on iPhone XS running iOS Beta 5.

Are you also experiencing the same on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.