Serpchecker – Is it the best serp checker for site owners?

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You hear about on-page SEO and off-page SEO – you might presume you knew all of it! But now Google is going to understand as many users queries as necessary on the SERP page.

There are various views on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and PageRank (PR) terms. Most suggest these two are totally separate, independent, and not intertwined, whilst others suggest that they are directly connected since one decreases and the other increases. For times like these, a SERP checker tool comes in handy

Some basic questions have to be asked:

Why do you check your rankings on Google? Enter your keyword into Google, count the responses, and add your place to a spreadsheet?

Not perfect, particularly if you want to track more keywords.

This is what SERP trackers are built for. You only insert all the keywords that you want to control and watch them for yourself. By the way, SERP stands for the results page for the Search Engine.

Advanced SERP tracking tools allow you, along with their respective SERP features, to enter all keywords you want to control.

There are many SERP checkers on the market, but in this article, we will analyze SERP CHECKER, and is SERP checker perfect for bloggers?

So let’s start with how to better analyze your site and search rankings, by using the Serp Checker tool.


SERPChecker is an online marketing tool, which is part of Mangools.

Using the SERPChecker, you are able to figure out in a few seconds what Google rankings your site. Using this basis, you will figure out which keywords will boost the website ranking.

Using SERPChecker, you can analyze the search engine results pages for specific keywords. You’ll see metrics such as keyword difficulty, the total number of results, and analytics by each entry.

SERP knowledge, including the strength of the link profile, domain authority, page authority, statement flow, and flow of confidence, can be browsed easily. And its comparison feature helps you to match a page or another website with the SERPs listed. 

How Does It Work?

SERPChecker is very easy to run. You type a keyword on the website of SEPRChecker, for your own site — or that of your competition. For example, if you owned an online shoe store, it would be a good idea to type in a popular brand like Zappos and you can start analyzing the keywords and search phrases they are ranking for.

So you let the SERPChecker do its job to discover what the current Google ranking is. The Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and some other website measures can be displayed.

Easy to Use SEO SERPChecker

SERPChecker is an easy-to-use marketing tool! Partly because you can use the tool for free briefly. You get a straightforward and beautifully crafted rundown of the most appropriate techniques on website quality after entering a search query.

Why Should You Use SERPChecker?

  • Get the results of localized SERP.
  • Identify desktop and smartphone search results quickly.
  • Evaluate organic search results quickly.
  • Conduct in-depth competition research

Features of SERPChecker

The main objective of using the SERPChecker from Mangools is to evaluate the market. This helps you to change the technique for your own website to increase the search results.

The search results for specific regions can also be viewed to optimize your local SEO strategy.

A useful aspect of SERPChecker is that you get a rundown of the most relevant website performance metrics straight away. Take into consideration the DA and PA mentioned above.

API links SERPChecker

Mangools provides developers with an API. Please keep in mind that you will submit this API from Mangools directly. You cannot access the API without authorization on your own website. You may apply for permission through the website of Mangools.

Web / App extensions SERPChecker

The SERPChecker is a component of the web extension for Chrome and Firefox that Mangools offers. Using this quick to use the extension, you can easily work out what a website’s SEO scores are. You can also see how the search results currently rank this page

Algorithm / Crawler

SERPChecker allows Google’s API to load the SEO site scores and view search results with those keywords.

SERPChecker speed

Given the large number of details that can be loaded with the SERPChecker from Mangools, this device works incredibly fast. You will have the details you are searching for within seconds. 

Is it the best serpcheck for site owners?

Finally when it comes to deciding which tool should buy or not. Actually it depends all on your choice but as we discuss SERPChecker Comprehensive Review, then personally I think that it is a really good Best SERP SEO tool in 2020

This tool helps you locate the ranking of your website in your search results instantly and reliably. The fact that you will use the tool for free initially is a massive bonus. You can also run a comparison search for other seo tools in this space by looking up competitor names and looking at the various reviews and ratings left by other site owners and bloggers that might be using the tools.

I recommend the integration of this SEO tool with the other marketing tools of Mangools. Because Mangools offer other great tools and web browser extensions, you can use all these and beat your competitors from all sides. 

Thus In this way, you have a complete set of marketing tools to optimize the website’s SEO strategy.