Bill Gates was jealous of Steve Jobs

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The two most famous personalities, in the tech industry. Both came up at the same time by launching Microsoft and Apple in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Since apple founder Job, dies 9 years ago, Gates co-founder of Microsoft share their relationship. In a recent interview of the co-founder Gates praised Jobs as “genius”. And revealed, he was jealous of Apple’s legendary CEO.

GATES ADMITTED THAT Jobs was a genius, no-one can do like Jobs when he returned to Apple when they need him. I myself can’t do that, Gates said that Jobs was a “WIZARD” in motivating people. And I am felling Jealous because I lack that quality in me. Apple was about to die, until Jobs arrival at the company.

According to Gates, a lot of people wanted to or can imitate the bad part of Steve. And Jobs could be “an asshole at times” but “he bought some incredibly positive things along with the toughness.