Cricket wireless starts offering 5G, but for only one device

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AT&T owned Cricket Wireless is going to enable their 5G services shortly. Even though the appeal to most customers, the company’s only 5G compatible device so far is the $1,199 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

And getting access to 5G on Cricket requires subscribing to one of its Unlimited plans, which start at $60 per month. Which will be not so convenient for customers. Cricket will be using AT&T low-band 5G network, of 850 MHz which will be a low network. Which AT&T will call as 5G plus network.

Cricket had also announced its 5G plans to its Simple data plans, which don’t offer calls and text’s service. Which start at 20GB of data for $35 per month. And a new Simply Data rate plan, with 100GB for $90 per month.