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From Books to Computers: How Priorities Have Switched This Year?


2020 started quite unusually. At first, we found ourselves face to face with a Pandemic that created a worldwide buzz. Then, came along the stress and anxiety amid the clenches of a lockdown. It would suffice to say that 2020 turned out to be no less than a nightmare. What has made this situation even worse is the uncertainty. With schools and workplaces closed, there is confusion everywhere.

Since we’re talking about schools, let’s pivot our attention towards how students are still trying their best to make things work.

Parents who were once adamant about distracting their kids from the internet are now taking its help. They’re ensuring their kids use top-notch internet such as that comes with Spectrum internet packages and nothing else. Spectrum offers an array of internet packages that are pocket-friendly and every parent’s dream.

With the Covid-19 outbreak still ravaging around the world for the 6th month of this year, schools will inevitably continue to stay closed until further notice. At first, it seemed like every kid’s dream come true; to just stay home and not have to sit in classes with teachers constantly nagging on about algebra. However, as time is passing, things are turning out to be a nightmare for students and parents alike. This is why most schools and most countries have urged to make online classes mandatory for every level of education.

Though it was introduced as a Band-Aid at first; something to keep the kids busy and familiar with their schoolwork until the situation begins to clear up. However, online classes have proven to be a very successful way in helping a child learn.

The entire burden, however, is now on parents to make sure that their child is actually taking classes. Still online classes have proven to be a blessing in disguise. Let’s find out:


No Physical Exertion

A heavy backpack is the most common cause of back-related complications and pains in kids at an early age. However, gone are the days when carrying books to and from school was a part of the routine. Now, kids can finally have all of the books they need in one place without having to carry them around all the time. This also robs them of the excuse of forgetting books at school or home. This isn’t the only way online classes have made kids’ health better. They can avoid fatigue and be safe from the often tiring grind of traveling to and from school. Instead, they can consume that energy where it matters.


Internet: The Virtual Book

Knowledge was never meant to be contained within the physical limits of books. We all know that an active student’s mind conjures questions one after the other, and all it needs is a source with endless answers. That particular source is the internet. It holds endless sources of information and all sorts of verified course materials for virtually every subject out there. This is what can truly satisfy the yearning of a young mind and better yet, it can encourage kids to go further in their quest for knowledge.


Online Learning

Sure, sitting in a classroom had its laundry list of rules that were expected of a student, but that doesn’t mean that online learning is anything in this aspect. As it turns out, sitting for an online class and making sure that you get something out of it requires all the more discipline and responsibility from a student.

Sure, students can simply sit through an online class, but to truly grasp knowledge, understand it, and put it to use, students have to go an extra mile and focus their attention in a setting where there is no face-to-face contact. Students are developing their listening and patience a lot better thanks to online classes.


They Can Remember Things Better

The most common problem that faced by teachers and students alike was once the lecture or class was over, no one could exactly recall everything that was taught, even with the use of notes. This is where online classes win as each lecture can be easily recorded and listened to as many times as required. This not only helps minimize student questions and problems but also helps teachers maintain their quality of education by learning from their flaws. Most importantly, there is no loss in case someone misses a class due to some emergency because the saved lecture can be viewed at any time anywhere.


Wrapping Things Up

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the education sector, which is trying hard to adapt to the situation. Students have a chance to get a taste of online learning, which was a no-go area back when classrooms were a thing. It was all in the past when students needed a hefty bulk of books to seem like intelligent fellas because now, all they need is a reliable internet connection and that pretty much makes up the only obstacle in their learning journey.