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16 Hidden Apple TV Features You Should Know


Apple has been on top of the market for products like phones, smartwatches, and tablets but never for a media streaming device. This is a totally different story, and now they are going up against organizations such as Google, Amazon, and Roku.

But it will be nice to see how the Apple TV, one of their latest iterations, is fairing, especially if you are a fan. There’s definitely a lot to look at with the numerous features available and the streaming service of the Apple TV+. But some features of the Apple TV aren’t so noticeable according to the best writing service, however, you should know about them too.

  1. Turn anything to remote

Apple TV has a remote that comes with which you will to set setting it up. But afterward, you can use your devices, iPhone or Android as the remote controller. For iPhone, you can use the Apple TV Remote app, but for Android users, you can check Google play store for apps (not from Apple). For a third party traditional remote, go to settings on the Apple TV, then General > Remotes > Learn Remote. So TV can learn to work with that Remote.

  1. Check battery levels

You can find out how much is left for the battery of your Apple TV remote. Just go to settings > remotes and devices, then you can view how much charge the battery has left. To get the actual percentage, you can click on the Remote.

  1. Voice search

The TV has Siri remote so you can navigate this device by voice using Apple’s digital assistant. Long press the button for Siri and ask for what you want, cast, title, genre, etc. the assistant will search different apps to get your response once you release the button.

  1. Adjust remote sensitivity

The remote for Apple TV doesn’t use directional buttons but instead uses touchpad. However, it can be too sensitive. The good thing is, you can reduce the sensitivity. Go to settings > remotes and devices > touch surface tracking.

  1. Control playback

If you missed something onscreen, you could tap on the left touch surface to take it back 10 seconds. Tap the one on the right to take it 10 seconds forward.

  1. Use the app switcher

This TV model has similarity with iOS devices, and a key feature is the app switcher. You can double-click the home button to activate this feature and then view some recently used apps.

  1. Get organized

If the home screen over-cluttered, you can move the apps around, hide, or put them in folders. An app jiggles once you hold onto it, then you’ll be able to move it from one point to another on the home screen.

  1. Airplay security

There’s airplay compatibility with which you are able to send content to a connected television from an iPhone or iPad. However, you can also restrict who can access your Apple TV. Go to settings > airplay, and make your choice.

  1. Set parental restrictions

You can put in restrictions or block some content from your kids at home. All you need to do is go to settings > general > restrictions, then put a 4-digit code. You can filter content based on age and ratings and block or limit the ability to access explicit content and make purchases.

  1. Add more accounts

You don’t have to share the same tastes or interests in people you share this device with. So, you can set up another account with a different Apple ID. You will find this at settings > accounts > iTunes and App store.

  1. Share content with family sharing

With family sharing, each member of the family can access purchased content. So family members won’t end up buying one thing more than once. Go to App Store, TV shows, or Movies, choose Purchased > family sharing.

  1. Connect to Bluetooth

It is Bluetooth-compatible, and you can connect it to keyboards, gaming controls, headphones, etc. go to settings > remotes and devices > Bluetooth, then put it in pairing mode.

  1. Cancel subscriptions

You might lose track of the services you subscribe to on Apple TV. But you can check and cancel them through settings > accounts > manage subscriptions.

  1. Watch live TV

While streaming services are excellent, at times, Live TV experience is unbeatable, especially for sporting events. You can watch live TV on some US TV channels through the Apple TV.

  1. Feel at home with Apple TV

Setting up Apple TV as a hub, you will need the same iCloud account you use for your iOS devices with HomeKit and Apple TV. If this process doesn’t happen automatically, go to settings > accounts > iCloud to connect. It would help if you also protect your devices with two-factor authentication.

  1. Reboot it

Press down the Home and Menu buttons on the remote until there’s a flash of the status light and then leave it.

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