Adobe accidentally deleted people’s photos in latest update of new features

Adobe recently updated their App and brought new features to the Lightroom app. The iOS users downloaded their new Lightroom app from the App store. And suddenly they found their previous pics got deleted.

Many tweets came on the issue, and finally, Adobe gave a reply to this issue. The problem has no solution, which means the pics which got deleted from the app will not be recovered. And also said that the data are gone for good. Many users lost their pics which have been there in the lobby for the past two-three years. And some of them lost not only pics but also the paid presets, and hard work.

Flohr wrote:  “However, the photos can’t be recovered. We sincerely apologize to any customers who have been affected by this issue”.

This is not the first time that users lost their pics. Canon had to take down its own platform “” after a storage issue resulted in the loss of photo and video files of users. Now it is a reminder to the users: “ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES”



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