Realme X7 series

Realme X7 series to launch with a 120Hz display.


Realme has finally announced the launch date of its upcoming smartphones today. The upcoming Realme X7 series will launch on September 1 in China and will include some good specifications.

First of all, the smartphone is going to feature 5G out of the box. For the display, Realme will go with a 120Hz display, which is an AMOLED display. Although Realme used the X7 Pro as a reference in their post, the regular X7 will also be seen alongside.

Realme X7 Pro is coming on September 1 with 120Hz AMOLED screen and 5G support

In the post, Realme shows off an almost bezel-less smartphone, bet real device images are yet to be seen. In the promotional poster, it mentions “thin and light flash charging flagship” which might directly point out as of how thin is the device going to be, and might come with the rumpored 125W UltraDart Fast Charging out of the box.

All in all, We have to see how is the smartphone going to be on September 1st.

Source: GSMArena

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