RTX 3080 spotted, has 2.1GHz Clock Speed!

Nvidia is now preparing to launch the next generation RTX graphics card on September 1st this year. The new range of graphics card with Ampere architecture are going to launch soon the next month, with the cards going up for sale later this year or early next year. However, a few weeks before the launch, the specifications of the upcoming Ampere card has been leaked. It is an RTX 3080 graphics card which has some really impressive specifications.

A few days back, Micron, by mistake shared the details for the RTX 3090. And now its about the RTX 3080 already. And for some reason, this first benchmark doesn’t return much of impressive results as mentioned by Userbenchmarks.

Although the benchmark is the very first data, we expect it to perfom way better in the real life, and can expect getting improved before launch.

As for the specifications,

  1. Clock Speed: 2.1GHz,
  2. Memory Clock: 19Gbps
  3. VRAM: 10GB GDDRX6

More is yet to be seen for the same, and to see what Nvidia is planning with their Ampere cards this year.

Source: Hexus

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