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Epic Games is now blocked from Apple Ecosystem.


Following the Fortnite and Apple lawsuit fiasco, Apple has now banned Epic Games from making any product for their ecosystem. In a tweet by Epic Games, they confirmed that Apple is now terminating all the developer accounts for the Fortnite developers.

The tweet reads:

A few days back, the US government asked Tim Cook as if Apple has ever retaliated against any developer, in case the developer took out his/her frustration over social media. In response, Tim Cook said:

“We do not retaliate or bully people. It’s strongly against our company culture.”

Well, it seems that Tim Apple was lying straight on their faces. And now Epic Games have filed a second lawsuit against Apple already.

This can deal a huge blow for Epic. For example, most developers cannot use the Unreal Engine for development of games on iOS and Mac, because after termination of developer accounts, Epic cannot make use of the APIs of the above platforms anymore.

And this also going to affect the developers as they have to use other engine for the very purpose now.

For example, if they made a fully fledged games on Mac, they can’t even use the editors, or can make games for the platform anymore. The existing games might not work at all, and they have to rewrite everything from scratch for a different engine.

As of now, Apple is really playing dirty. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

Source: MSPowerUser

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