Easy Ways to Make an Old Radio Transmitter Work Again

From family fun and extreme sports to noisy industrial facilities and luxurious hotels – numerous benefits of two-way radios make them an inseparable part of our life. Designed to secure quality real-time communications for a wide range of businesses, they are also great companions for all people who love outdoor adventures. As time goes by, even the best in its class can fail to deliver top-notch performances. Wonder, if there is a way to bring your old radio transmitter back to life? Yes, and more than one – check out our tried and tested ways to make it work again!

Cleaning Can Work Miracles

As incredible as it may seem, dust can cause a lot of serious troubles. Build up over time, especially when used in industrial facilities, it is the most common reason for poor performances of the radio speaker. Regular cleaning is a very simple yet extremely viable solution to many problems and it is not too late to start doing that now. Dust and debris tend to accumulate in the speaker grill that serves as protection for both the speaker and microphone, clogging it up and preventing it from proper functioning. Wipe down the grill with a soft cloth to optimize the audio quality that is coming out of the radio speaker. Also, do not underestimate the virtues of a custom-fitted carrying case designed especially to protect your precious radio. In the majority of cases, a thorough cleaning is the only thing you need to get your old good radio back on track. By the way, it is a good idea to get your tools professionally cleaned from time to time.

Replace the Battery

An old battery can be another reason why your radio doesn’t work. If you hear persistent beeping when you switch on the device, it is a sure sign that your battery is almost dead. No worries, if you have a Motorola device, simply contact your local Motorola radio repair specialists and they will do it for you at lightning speed. Naturally, you can first try to charge it, but although this idea is worth a shot, all chances are it will not bring the desired outcome. Thus, most probably you will have to replace an old battery with a new one. 

Check the Antenna

Antennas are on the list of the most important, but at the same time also most vulnerable parts of the two-way radios, that’s why regularly check yours for eventual breaks, bends, and kinks. You won’t always be able to figure out eventual defects by yourself. People often pick up their radios by the antenna and damage it right at the spot where it connects to the body of the device. To make things worse, they might be totally unaware of the existing problem since such damage is mainly internal, hence hard to notice. Either way, take a closer look at the antenna as quite possibly it’s time to get it checked and replaced at the repair service. Even though created to face the challenges of the harshest environments, these powerful and robust tools can break or develop certain problems over the years. However, if your old radio transmitter doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all, it is too early to throw it in the dump. Simply try one of these easy ways to fix it!

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