Samsung Galaxy Watch3

US finally get ECG-certification on Samsung Galaxy Watch3


Samsung launched a new smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 just a few days back. The smartwatch was built with the most advanced health monitor. The Electrical Heart Sensor on the smartwatch has finally passed the FDA approval for the US.

Without approval, the health features of the smartwatch such as the blood pressure and ECG monitoring wasn’t available in the US units. But now with FDA approval, you will now be able to measure your heart rhythm within 30 seconds.


Meanwhile, Samsung has also been working on the Samsung Health app. The update will provide VO2max support. This will allow you to check the oxygen saturation anytime during a physical performance or otherwise. In addition, the update will also now keep a “Personalized Sleep Score”. The new update will thus optimize the use of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3.

via - Androidpolice

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