Galaxy S21 is not going to come with ToF sensor.

First of all, yes, it is going to be the next Samsung flagship next year. The Galaxy S21 is going to be a bit modified Galaxy S20 the next year. And since the Note 20 series doesn’t carry a ToF this time, Samsung is reportedly ditching the sensor on the Galaxy S21 as well.

This is because, as per the firm, there is no exact use of the said technology. Moreover, the Indirect ToF sensor that Samsung uses is a less powerful one than the Apple’s Direct ToF sensor. The ToF is made by Sony. However, the problem arises on the acquiring of the sensor, since Apple has an exclusive deal with Sony for the Direct ToF.

And Samsung being Samsung, and they didn’t left the territory yet. It is reported that Samsung is working on its own implementation of the ToF, that can improve the indirect ToF.

But this might never see the daylight, since Samsung is right now waiting to see how Apple implements ToF and how the consumers react to it.

Source: GSMArena

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