Surface Duo will get 3 years of Android updates.

The Surface Duo will receive 3 years of Android updates. Microsoft has confirmed this information in one of their statements today. Although, Microsoft has decided to dedicate its time to update OS and security on the device. However, they didn’t specify as for how long Duo will be receive the support.

In comparison, the other smartphones, Android devices, to be specific, which do not get updates for more than 2 years. However, most flagships like Pixel lineup and very recently, the Galaxy smartphones will start pushing three years of Android updates now.

Its expected to get three years of Android updates, given that you are paying a hefty price. And $1400 for Surface Duo is no joke. In comparison, Apple supports devices as far as iPhone 6s and SE 1st generation for their iOS 14. Never mind, the iPhone 6s was launched in 2015.

Source: Windows Central

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