Samsung Display Tech

New Samsung Display Tech will Reduce Battery Consumption Dramatically


Samsung has been a leader in creating display panels. Every year, we see that the flagship Galaxy phones have better displays than their predecessors. This year, the display tech on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is different from the rest of the Note series.

Samsung says that it has successfully created a new kind of OLED panel that dramatically reduced the power usage on its smartphone. The company says that the new display can save up to 22% of the power required for the display panel. It does it by automatically reducing the refresh rate of the display when it doesn’t need to refresh the screen that often.

As a result, the panel needs 22% less power than present phones.

“Our Adaptive Frequency display technology is expected to considerably enhance the user experience by calibrating refresh rates in line with the requirements of a specific application and therein more precisely allocating available power. This will free up time for other smartphone operations,”

said Ho-Jung Lee, Vice President of the mobile display product planning team for Samsung Display.

As smartphones are now going beyond the traditional 60Hz displays into smoother and faster displays with a higher refresh rate, this technology can improve power efficiency in the whole smartphone community in the new future.

Source – Samsung