How to Get More from Your Employees


When hiring someone new for your team, you want to get the most from them. An engaged and energized member of staff is worth ten times a lethargic and disinterested employee. However, far too many companies fall into the trap of treating their employees as disposable, which has serious negative consequences on the long-term health of the business. There are plenty of schools of thought offering various strands of advice, but let’s look closer at some ways to get the most from your employees.

Create an Excellent Training Program

After the interview stage, the first interaction that your employee has with the business is the training program. Don’t underestimate what a significant impact this can have on how well they settle into the business. Inadequate training can leave your new staff member confused and more likely to make mistakes, which can, in turn, damage their self-esteem and overall perception of the company. As well as offering training in all your different systems, you also need to induct them into company culture too. Remember, training should be ongoing, and it is a positive step to continue to offer courses to more experienced members of staff.

Establish Clear Goals

The establishment of clear goals is how people know what they should be working towards. You need to make it clear what they are supposed to accomplish in both the short and long-term. Targets can range from the financial to the personal, and they need to be continually updated over time in performance reviews. Once your employee hits a target, this is a time of celebration, but you need to make sure that they have something else to work towards. If you know that your employee is struggling, ask what you can do to improve the situation for them.

Provide Feedback

Before you can provide effective feedback to an employee, you need to know exactly what they have accomplished. Monitoring employee performance and engagement is a lot easier these days thanks to software from the likes of Any feedback should be fair and balanced. Don’t forget to reward good results too. You should encourage your employees to continue hitting their targets, as well as keeping them adequately engaged at all times. Remember that feedback should be a two-way street. You need to encourage open interaction from your employees’ side too.

Treat Your Employees Fairly

If there is one thing that people can’t stand, it is the feeling that they have been treated unfairly. While it can be challenging to know when someone feels like they have been treated unjustly, you should still do everything in your power to treat your staff in a balanced manner. If you have made a promise to your employees, make sure that your stick to it. If you sense that someone is feeling hard done by, encourage them to be open about their feelings and what you can do to make the situation better. Fairness should remain a cornerstone of your company.