Samsung now teaming up with ARM and AMD against Qualcomm.


Samsung is now planning to pair up with AMD and ARM to take on Qualcomm. Back in November 2019, Samsung announced that they are terminating their custom core development for the Exynos processors. This came after severe back lash from users around the world.

The reason why Samsung decided to do so is pretty obvious. When the benchmarks of the Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 came out, 865 outperformed Exynos in many ways. Be it battery efficiency, performance, gaming etc, you name it.

However, Exynos is not going out of business pretty soon. But Samsung is planning something else here. Samsung is planning to take on Qualcomm’s number 1 position for Android Application Maker by pairing with AMD and ARM.

And since Huawei is also exiting the ARM processor development market, Samsung is the only remaining firm that makes its own chips. As per reports, they are making a new CPU based on ARM’s off-the-shelf Cortex-X processor core. The Cortex-X1 promises 30% improvement over the Cortex-A77 core. Its Single-Threaded performance is 28% higher than the latest Cortex-A78.

Although Exynos can make some decent chips, they fail terribly in terms of graphics performance. In this matter alone, Qualcomm outperforms Exynos way ahead. And for the very reason, they have paired with AMD to make custom GPU for Exynos. Even it’s expected that Samsung’s NPU or Neural Processing Unit is going to be far superior to what Qualcomm provides right now.

We can expect to see the new Exynos coming with their next flagship, Galaxy S30 or so because they can change the name, anyhow, in 2021.

Source: Android Central

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