Galaxy Note 20 will be available in a new color.

This year, with the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung has announced a new color range. This new color range is “Mystic”, which brings several new colors to the Galaxy Devices. Today, Samsung announced a new color in the Mystic range. This new color, Mystic Blue, will be available in India as of now.

The new color for the Galaxy Note 20 Series is a new Blue color, which will be available for sale alongside the Mystic Green, Bronze, and Black. However, in India, only three colors, including the Mystic Blue will be available. Even the S-pen will have the same color as the smartphone.

At the time of writing, you do not have the option to buy the Mystic blue color. The Mystic Green and Bronze are available with a 4G variant of Note 20, whereas the 5G variant of Note 20 Ultra has the option for the Mystic black. And it will cost you a whopping ₹1,04,999. Yes, for Eewxynos you are going to pay a six-figure value.

If you have a ton of money lying around your house, head here to pre-order one!

Source: Sammobile

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