The best free apps for video calling


As the COVID-19 continues, people coming out of their homes is decreased. Many companies are offering “Work from Home” and sometimes you need to make a video call to interact with others.

You need to have a good video calling app, which will help you to improve your work. Down below let us discuss the apps which are best and are available for free.

1. ZOOM:  The most popular video calling app.


7 ways to improve Zoom video calls when working from home


Zoom has become the most popular video calling app, which is available for Users for free. It is used by a large number of users because the interface is very easy to use. The company is offering basic features for free users and offering premium features for paid users. The free version of Zoom will allow up to 100 users to meet, but there is a 40 min limit on meeting more than two people.




Skype Group Video Calls Are Free Once More



The platform for one-on-one conversations since the beta was released in 2003. SKYPE  has offered new features for its users, it allows up to 50 people can meet with no time limit. Users will some more features while using the app.




All-New Cisco Webex Meetings Video Conferencing - YouTube


Webex is a videoconferencing app that has been around since the ‘90s; it was acquired by Cisco in 2007. Mainly known as a business application and continues to focus on serving companies. It has premium features which allows from 50-100 participants and you can meet up to 50 minutes.




Google Meet premium video conferencing call now free for everyone


Google Meet offers various new features to the users. To make video calls to their family, friends, and it is also used for their job purpose.  To start, simply go to Meet. Click on Join or start a meeting, give the meeting a name. And send out your invites.

You can also schedule a meeting using Google Calendar, and Google includes a number of security features such as the ability to admit or deny entry.




Google Duo Introduces Group Video Call Support on Android and iOS ...


In addition, the app now allows you to create groups of up to 12 participants but only on its mobile versions. All participants must be Duo users, which can be an issue for wider use. Google Duo you can also record the call, and it uses end-to-end encryptions.



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