Huawei Mate 40

Huawei Mate 40 to be the last with Kirin, confirmed!


Huawei has finally announced the Huawei Mate 40 today. Alongside it also confirmed that there will be no more Kirin SoC anymore. In fact, Mate 40 is going to be the last smartphone with Kirin SoC in the world.

The manufacturing of the Kirin SoC will come to an end after September 15, 2020, on the same day when the US Trade ban will take effect for an indefinite time. And since Huawei uses TSMC for its processor manufacturing, this will end as well since TSMC uses equipment manufactured in the US. And similarly, this will mark the Huawei Mate 40 the last of its kind in the smartphone industry, yet again.

Now when there are no more Kirin Processors available out in the wild, Huawei has to figure out which manufacturer to go with this time. MediaTek is an option here as well since the child company Honor is already using MediaTek SoC in their smartphones.

As of now Huawei has not announced that when they will start using Harmony OS on their smartphones. It might be possible that we might see Harmony OS in Q1 2021 smartphones from Huawei.

Source: Android Authority

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