Google Pixel 5 5G, 4a 5G

Google might be working on several other Pixel devices.

Google, Pixel

As per a document reviewed by 9to5Google, Google is working on several Pixel devices for the year 2021 internally. The documentation suggests that besides a Pixel 5 device, Google is also working on a foldable device, and a Pixel 5a as well.

Other than the mentioned publicly launched smartphones, it also mentions some of them which are eventually going to launch the next year. This also includes the Pixel 5a. This has a codename barbette. On the other hand, there is another smartphone, codename raven and oriole, which can be the Pixel 6. There is another smartphone, with a codename passport, which is a foldable smartphone, most probably. All these are expected to come in Q4 2021, which is Fall 2021.

Last year, CNET reported about Google working on a foldable smartphone already. In response, Google also confirmed the same. They also mentioned that the product is in the prototype stage right now.

Additionally, the documentations shows that the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5 are to come out in the month of October. Notably there is also a clear mention of the upcoming Pixel 5a, with a launch date set to Q2 2021.

However, we can also consider that some of the devices mentioned here might not even see the day light ever. Given that its Google, and it can change its track anytime.

Source: 9to5Google

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