Hydrogen OS 11

OnePlus launching the new Hydrogen OS 11 soon!

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OnePlus has been working on its new operating system, Hydrogen OS 11. This new operating system will finally be launching on the 10th of August.

Hydrogen OS 11

The company made the live-broadcasted the announcement on B-site, Weibo Live, Cool On, and OnePlus online. The message included: “by the voice of the heart, and new life – hydrogen OS 11 for you! August 10, 2:00 PM “Hydrogen Listening Session 2.0” “.

Meanwhile, the founder and CEO of OnePlus Liu Zuohu also tweeted about this. The tweet included: “everyone refueling long wait, August 10 hydrogen listening to 2.0, I invite you to follow the new hydrogen OS11.”

The new operating system will feature a brand-new visual design along with new interaction concepts and new functional features. In addition, the overall interface of the Hydrogen OS11 will have great changes from the Always-On Display feature to completely different animation effects and styles.

With the new OnePlus 8T series launching this September-October, the new OS might be ready by then and be available on these devices.

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