Google removed these 11 apps for billing fraud

One of the most Android malware, called Joker is back on Google Play Store. Joker is one of the most prominent types of malware. That keeps on searching for the way into Google Play Store.

Developers of Joker app, made some changes to the code, by which they can pass Security questions. This time they made slight changes, to pass and avoid detection from Google. If any users installed these apps, the app offers it’s premium services to the users without letting them know about the services.

Users will be able to know only after, the money got detected from their bank account. Like Joker there some other apps, which are billing users without prior notice. Here are the names of the apps, which got caught by Google for fraud billing. Users need to uninstall these apps if they install them on their devices.

  • Cheery Message.
  • Relaxation Message.
  • Memory Game.
  • Loving Message.
  • Friend SMS.
  • Contact Message.
  • Compress Image.
  • App Locker.
  • Recover File.
  • Remind Alarm.


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