WhatsApp will allow you to permanently mute your Group Chats

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WhatsApp ‘s popular messaging service is reportedly working on a new feature that would allow users to forever put those annoying WhatsApp groups on mute.

We are all responsible for it. We don’t want to leave the group but it’s a nightmare, the constant chatter. So we select the option ‘mute group for a year’ and then when we finally get a notification we think to ourselves that it has been a year already. The feature Mute Always is not yet available, and is still being developed.

It should be noted however that it will be available in the next few updates. According to WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp is actually working to develop and improve it before the release. For this reason if you don’t see this feature in your WhatsApp build, it’s not a problem,”

This would be a great feature for the users, including me, who mute the Group Chats as soon as they are added to it until and unless it’s an important one. WhatsApp is preparing to replace the 1 year option with Always with the update, in order to always retain silent chat and group alerts. There is still no date about when this feature would roll out, but seeing it in the pipeline is a great news.