Sony Alpha 7S III

Sony Alpha 7S III is the new camera with supreme imaging.


Sony launched its new camera in its Alpha series. The new Sony Alpha 7S III comes with the newly designed BIONZ XR processing engine with 8 times more processing power than the previous generations. Alongside this, you will get a new 12.1MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. This sensor reduces the shutter speed to almost half of the previous generation as well.

Let’s see what the camera is packing inside it. This is going to be an overview, so keep on reading for the link to the original blog post.

Sony Alpha 7S III – new BIONZ XR Processor.

The new Alpha 7S III comes with the newly developed BIONZ XR processor, which as mentioned, can process images eight time faster than the previous generations.

There is a newer 12.1MP Exmore R CMOS sensor, which captures images in exceptional detail. The sensor comes with ultra-high sensitivity, 15+ stop high-dynamic shots, a host of amazing video capturing features. These features include 4K recording at 120FPS, a new autofocus system, and many other features.

The sensitivity comes from the “S-Class” cameras from Sony, with enhanced color reproduction. This sensitivity also allows amazing texture rendering by the camera, which also leads to better and improved image quality.

The base ISO has been reduced to 80, thus bringing the ISO range to 80-102,400. On the other hand, you will get an ISO range of 80-409,600 for the videos and the still between 40-409,600.

Sony claims that the sensor can capture the organic materials like foliages, human subjects etc without the need of additional light source with ease. In fact the color and texture rendering are improvised.

The Auto White Balance is an improved one, thanks to the new “Visible light + IR Sensor”. This helps in achieving proper lighting in case of an artificial lighting environment.

The video captured on this camera has variety of options, including MPEG-H HEVC/H.265 coding (XAVC HS™), and All-Intra.

Advanced AutoFocus

Sony is providing a Fast Hybrid AutoFocus on the Alpha 7S III camera. This AF technology combines phase-detection and contrast-detection to a whole new level. This then gives the ability to tract faster moving subject with almost the similar speed, precision and smoothness.

The Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF will help you track objects in an environment with a lot of movement. The Real-time Eye AF will begin as soon as it detects eye movements.

AutoFocus meant for Movie Shooting

There are several AF features inbuilt in the camera, which includes five AF Subject Shift Sensitivity settings, which will allow users to set how easily the AF will switch. The Touch Tracking will allow the user to use real-time tracking to track the subject and allow users to use gimbals or without them.

The Touch focus can now be used for manual focus using the LCD inbuilt, or from the Imaging Edge Mobile application.

New heat dissipation mechanism.

Since you will be using the camera for video shooting at 4K at 120pi it is obvious that the camera will dissipate heat to a whole new level. Sony has worked up the heat dissipation mechanism of the Alpha 7S III camera. With this new mechanism, you can record video in 4K at 60FPS 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth for more than an hour!

The newly developed mechanism will ensure that the BIONZ XR and the Exmor R CMOS sensor remain in their normal temperature range most of the time. And mind you this maintains the composure of the device, and makes it dust and moisture-proof as well.

Outstanding Stills

The Sony Alpha 7S III comes with the amazing Fast Hybrid AF technology, which can detect 759 phase-detection AF points. This actually covers 92% of the entire image processor.

And for the first time in Sony’s digital cameras, this Alpha 7S III comes with HEIF or High-Efficiency Image Format inbuilt.

A new slot with new Memory Support.

Sony has installed a new CFExpress Type-A memory card slot, which is also compatible with the current UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC/SDHC cards. Thus, this new slot lets your camera store stills and videos on a faster RW speed.

The CFExpress Type-A cards are mainly used for storing 4K at 120pi resolution videos, along with RAW stills. This also enables a 1.7x faster high-speed data transfer between the PC and the camera, even with high bit-rate videos.


The Alpha 7S III comes with support for 2.4GHz and 5Ghz WLAN, along with 5G over USB connectivity. That is you can connect to a 5G enables device on a 5G network via a USB interface for high data transfer speeds over FTP


The Full-Framed interchangeable Lens camera, Sony Alpha 7S III, will be available starting September 2020 for $3,499.99 USD and $4,799.99 CAD, and will available via Sony Authorized Dealers around North America.

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