Intel Hardware Chief to leave the company in August.

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Intel, in the latest blog post, cites that the Hardware Chief Murthy Renduchintala is leaving the company this August. There are several other changes done to the working of the Technology, System Architecture, and Consumer Group or TSAC.

The departure of the hardware chief comes into the light after Intel announced the 7nm processors will get delayed until 2022, meanwhile, delaying the 10nm processors for the laptops as well. However, Intel didn’t tell about why Murthy Renduchintala is leaving the company. On the other hand, Intel has announced new leadership for the division: De. Ann Kelleher alongside Dr. Mike Mayberry until his [planned] retirement at the end of this year. He is an industry veteran with experience of 36-years.

Since the time from being taken from Qualcomm to Intel, Renduchintala was leading the TSAC up till now. Now this division will be split into five separate divisions, namely: Technology Development, Manufacturing, Design Engineering, Architecture, and Supply chain management. Each of the leaders of these groups will directly talk with the CEO, Swan Bob.

On Thursday, Swan discussed the possibilities of seizing production of chips in house, and outsourcing them to third party, for example TMSC. TMSC also manufactures the chips from AMD.

The leaders of the different divisions are as follows:

  1. Technology Development: Dr. Ann Kelleher (new leader)
  2. Manufacturing and Operations: Keyvan Esfarjani ( new leader )
  3. Design Engineer: Josh Walden ( interim )
  4. Architecture, Software, and Graphics: Raja Koduri ( unchanged )
  5. Supply Chain: Dr. Randhir Thakur ( unchanged )

These leaders will now drive Intel to compete AMD on a whole next level. Just we have to see how Intel performs after making some dramatic changes inside.

Source: The Verge

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